Why You Need Smoke Detectors and Fire Alarm in Your Home

Fire is one of the major problems for home owners. Residential properties can catch fire in many ways, from mishandling gas in the kitchen to short circuits in the electrical wires, or carelessness with cigarette stubs. The danger of catching fire in the home is very big. Therefore, to be on a safe side, you need smoke detector and fire alarms installed in your home.

Smoke Detector and Fire Alarm: What are they Exactly?

Basically, a smoke detector is a device that is activated where ever it sense smoke in the room. Whether it is a smoke from the oven or a curtain that has caught fire from cigarette butts, smoke detector senses the combustion. The device then sends signal to sound alarm that warns the resident to douse fire ( incase the fire is small) or get out of the building. The smoke detector itself may have an alarm system or connected with the alarm system. If the smoke detector has been connected to fire alarm, there is a high pitch alarm or flash warnings.

Fire alarm does not work independently, it has to be connected with the smoke detector. Fire alarm is activated when it receives signals from smoke detector.

The Need for Smoke Detectors

You might be wondering about the type of smoke detector that you are recommended to install in your home. The battery powered smoke detector is highly recommended for the home owners.  The device will send a siren once it detectors smoke. The device will alert the residents when fabric or furniture catches fire. However, you must always make sure that your device is never low in battery power.

The price of smoke detector depends in the features it has, it might cost you anywhere between $15 and $60.

Where to Install the Smoke Detector?

Basically, each room should have one smoke detector, except in the kitchen (that is to avoid false smoke detection while cooking). Nevertheless, because of financial burden involved in installation of one smoke detector per room, it is recommended that home owners install at least one smoke detector in their home.

Are Smoke Detectors Really Important?

According to one research, two-thirds of the entire fires cases in the United States originated in the homes. That’s why the rules for installing smoke detectors in home are being enforced, which will ensure that the homes are safe from fire. There are enough evidences that prove that smoke detectors actually work and alert the home owners in case something catches fire. Take an example from the United States, less people died in the homes that had working smoke detectors compared to the homes where there were no smoke detectors.

What Other Ways Can Keep Your Home Fire Safe?

After you install smoke detectors, don’t feel relieved. Test the devices regularly and switch off the device batteries once in six months.

All of the people living in the house should be able to recognize the siren sent through the smoke detector. This is more important for the elderly who have hearing problem or have difficulty in recognizing different sounds.

You should take a lot of care while cooking. When kids are cooking, always stand by their side.

When you are in the bed, never light a cigarette. Never place burning candles next to your bed or curtains.

Replace your old electrical wires. Don’t plug too many plugs as this will overload the power outlets, which may create short circuits.

What if a Fire Breaks Out?

When there is a fire, never panic, instead stay calm. Inform the members and ask them to vacate. Shut the door of the room where there is fire. This will contain fire for a while and even give you enough time to vacate the home. When you are vacating, used stairs instead of life, call fire depart. Don’t think about your belongings, you and your family members’ life matter most. Don’t go back to the house before the firemen gives green signals.

If you have fire extinguisher in your home, you can use it to contain the fire. However, if the fire is too big or you are not confident about containing fire without hurting yourself, avoid using it. When the fire is big, there will be a lot of smoke and smoke will hinder breathing. Therefore don’t rush to contain fire with fire extinguisher or water. When the fire is too big, you need to vacate immediately.

The smoke detector, of course will be a financial burden, but no price is bigger than the price of human life.

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