What is Cargo Container Home? What are the Benefits of Cargo Container Home?

When the word Cargotecture was coined in 2003, it was used to describe a building made fully or partially by shipping containers. Cargotecture makes use of shipping containers or cargo containers to create fully functional buildings for personal or commercial use. Shipping containers, or cargo container as they are commonly called, can be used to make a low-cost home or an extravagant home, cluster homes or vacation home, office building or housing project.

Homes can be built easily from cargo containers because the basic structure is already present. Cargo container homes are built very fast because they can be easily moved. Since these containers are strong and can resist harsh weather, these homes are also very strong. It is easy to modify shipping containers by cutting, welding, wiring, and plumbing. Doors can be cut, windows can be made, and rooms can be partitioned.  Whether you want a studio apartment or a home with many rooms, you can easily modify the shipping containers to suit your needs. There is no restriction on what kind of house you can build, you can even stack the containers to create a multi-story house. You can weld many containers together to create a big house in a short amount of time.

Shipping container homes provide a cheap alternative to the expensive housing market. If you fall in the group of people who cannot or do not want to afford a traditional house, this is a great option to consider.

The shipping container architecture is on the rise for a couple of reasons: it is a wonderful way to reduce waste; it is also an ultimate solution for cheap homes. Shipping container homes are becoming a better option for temporary living as well as a permanent house. If you already have a house, you can also use a shipping container to make additional changes.

Still confused? Look at these benefits of using shipping containers as a home:

Affordable: The price of a house greatly depends on location and it’s seize, however, if you are building home from a shipping container, the average price could be just half of that.  To create a spacious home, you only need five shipping containers.  Depending on the size, shipping containers usually cost between $1800 and $5000. Some shipping containers are even available for as little as $800. You will have to pay an additional price for shipping to your location, though.

Eco-friendly: If you want to live in an eco-friendly environment, consider this. Once the containers are considered “worn out” they are never shipped back. It costs lot of money to send them back where they came from. If the containers are not sent back, they need to be scrapped and melted down, this consumes a lot of energy.  Because of the cost and energy involved, shipping containers lie discarded in the port area. When you build homes out of these containers, you are saving money and energy. By reusing shipping containers, you are also saving on construction materials.

Fast:  You can build a shipping container home pretty fast. The containers are readily available and the basic structure of the house is already present. Once the shipping containers are moved to your location, you can modify them into your house in just a few weeks. You don’t have to mess around with a lot of construction work.

Strong: The shipping containers are built to resist harsh climate in the sea, thus, shipping container homes are very strong.

A shipping container home may not be for everyone because you need to take care of a lot of things such as construction regulation in your area, weather, temperature etc. However, if you want a modern home for a small investment, it will be a very good option.

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