How to Make Decorative Candles and Make Money By Selling Decorative Candles

Making decorative candles and scented candles and selling decorative/scented candles for profit is getting popular these days. You can also easily tap on this work from home business and make money. You do not require specialized skills and a lot of money. Candle making skills can be perfected in a couple of days and you can start candle business with little money.

Things You Need to Make Decorative and Scented candles

Whether you want to make candles for your personal use or make a profit by selling candles, the first question that will pop up in your mind is:  What kind of candle making supplies do I need?

Let’s get started. You need following things:

Wax: Wax is the basic ingredient in a candle. There are different kinds of wax available. What kinds of wax you need depends on the type of candle you are going to make.

Wick: Wick is the second important thing to have in the candle making process. You need a wick to light the candle. If you do not use a good wick, your candle will not burn properly. You can choose a variety of wicks. The performance of wick depends on the wax type, color type, fragrance type and the type of wick.

Fragrance oil: If you are making simple candles, you do not require fragrance oil, however, if you want to make scented candles, you need fragrance oil. You can choose a variety of fragrance oils for your candle. The recommended amount of fragrance is 1 ounce of fragrance oil in 16 ounce (1 pound) of wax.

Color:  You need color pigment to make colorful candles. You can choose between dye chips, blocks or liquid dye.

Containers: You need containers or molds to give a shape to your candles. You can choose a variety of candle containers such as a tin container, glass container etc.

Scale: You need a scale to measure wax, fragrance oil, and color.

Stove: In order to make a candle, you should first start with melting the wax. You need a stove for that purpose.

Saucepans or pitcher:  You need a saucepan or a pitcher to melt the wax. Instead of direct melting, many people prefer to melt wax indirectly. Indirect melting is done by boiling water in the saucepan and placing the pitcher with wax over the boiling water.

Thermometer: As the wax begins to melt, you need to measure the heat. Therefore, you need a thermometer to measure the wax temperature.

Candle labels: If the primary purpose of making candles is to profit by selling candles, you need a label. The label should include details of the manufacturer and safety measures.

Miscellaneous items: You also need disposable latex gloves, old newspapers to cover your working table, paper towels, alcohol to clean your containers, and candle boxes to store your candles.

How to Make Candles

The candle making process involves following steps:

  • Melting wax
  • Adding scents and colors
  • Wicking the container/mold
  • Pouring the wax in the container/mold
  • Letting the candle cool for a couple of hours
  • Trimming the wick
  • Strong the candles in a candle box

Melting wax is important. It is easy to melt soy wax, all you have to do is measure the wax and keep the container in the microwave. However, if you are using paraffin wax or beeswax, you need a double boiler.

How do you add scented oils, essential oils or fragrance oils in wax to create scented candles? This is not as complicated as it sounds. Melt the wax and then add fragrance oils and let it cool to the right temperature.  Measurement is very important to create a good fragrance. Therefore, you need to measure the wax and add essential oils in the recommended quantity. The general rule of thumb is use 25-30 drops essential oils in one ounce of wax.

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